Scientific communcation

Our team of animal welfare scientists, with their experience both in the wild and with captive animals, keep up to date by regularly attending national and international seminars about animal behaviour, animal welfare, exhibit design and trends in zoos.

According to your needs, summary documents can be provided as:

  • Summary table
  • Data sheets
  • Reports
  • Flyer or poster
  • Journal paper (general or specialized)

Communication scientifique de Akongo

Our team ensures regular monitoring about the latest research articles released and integrate all the knowledge known when analysing a project.

Our work is the result of sorting out, analysis and synthesize the literature. If necessary, a parallel between the scientific content and the associated legislative framework can be draw.

All these documents can be produced in English or French, and with a support for an oral presentation (PowerPoint type).

In addition, our team does outreach work about animal welfare, animal behaviour, conservation and biodiversity, to help people understand science more effectively, understand the role that science has got to play in society in people's lives. All these field present a paramount importance in our society, leading us to question our habits, our relations to animals, our impact on environment.

Contact us to discuss your projects and objectives. Together we will assess the best strategy to achieve them.

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