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In the last decades, a consequent amount of research has been made both in zoos (or captive conditions) and the wild, increasing our knowledge about the biology, physiology and behaviours of many species around the world. Taken together with population surveys, this complementary research on wild animals and captivity is crucial to provide a much more in-depth understanding of species (Mapple & Segura, 2014 , Wells, 2009).

To define best practices for everyone, to ensure animal welfare as well as educational objectives, it is important that we foster more interdisciplinary links, are aware of the tremendous amount of information available in other fields, and utilize this information. To achieve this, greater dialogue is required between those doing the research, those making decisions, and those who will implement recommendations (Melfi, 2009).

AKONGO’s expertise

Our team of animal welfare scientists, with their experience both in the wild and with captive animals, will guarantee you:

  • Regular information monitoring about the latest research articles released
  • Integration of all the knowledge known when analysing a project
  • The ability to set up and supervise studies to assess animal welfare
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