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Custom course

Our team is dedicated to fulfilling your needs and expectations, and helping your organisation to overcome obstacles that could move you away from your objectives.

Objective: develop suit-made workshops for your team to continually improve your standards.

Modern zoos have incredibly challenges to achieve, by simultaneously ensuring animal welfare, being a proactive contributor to the preservation of the wildlife of the planet, dealing with housing and husbandry wild animals, fulfilling visitors’ expectations, all. It does require multiple interdisciplinary skills to be framed together, and a highly efficient, motivated and creative team.

Ongoing training of your staff helps your organization to keep up with this changing world, regularly improve your customer service skills. In addition, new or refresher training allows your staff to build skills - whatever it is for in-house promotion or general skills to be stay competitive in the job market – and will let you keep your best employees – thus, it will keep you ensuring a high quality of services in your establishment.

To suit your needs, we offer you choices and flexibility:

  • One-shot, fixed-term or on-going practical consulting services
  • Customize your ongoing staff training and development: professional relationships, public relations, relation animal-trainer
  • Assessment of skill level of one or several members of your staff
  • Team building
  • Basics to advances training courses related to animal welfare
  • Training courses focused on specific species

Contact us to discuss your projects and objectives. Together we will assess the best strategy to achieve them.

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