Course topic « New hired training »

With ongoing staff training and development, give your colleagues the opportunity to give the best of themselves!

Ready to take up new challenges? Modern zoos are a highly changing world, with continuous standards improvements. Take the opportunity to build new skills to keep moving ahead.

Objective: Onboarding new colleagues

Your organization grows up and recently hired staff? Take advantage of dedicated training to build a team spirit and knowledge sharing, as well as effective communication between the various collaborators.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop and share their skills via group activities, individual development opportunities and hands-on practical work about:

  • Professionnal relationships
  • Trainer-animal relationship
  • Public relations
  • Animal welfare
  • Exhibit design

This workshop also addresses following topics:

  • Discussing visitor engagement strategies
  • Promoting professional experience sharing and knowledge
  • Promoting safety and health among employees
  • Helping employers comply with laws and regulations

This workshop contains both practical and theory activities; including discussions, group work, individual work.

Formation Nouveaux collaborateurs

About this course

  • Public: Any zoo staff, including keepers, botanic staff, educational team, marketing staff.
  • Group size: 6-20
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: On site
  • Cost: Quotation avalaible on demand

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