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Understand animal behaviour to ensure their welfare

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Understand animal behaviour is undeniably a valuable tool for animal management. Initiation or improvement, our team support you.

ObjectifIntroduction to animal behavioural science, to ensure excellence in animal care.

The animals around us, do not have a verbal language like our own. Nonetheless, they communicate with their conspecifics, and express themselves to us through their behaviours. Ethology – or animal behaviour, the science of behaviour, is a non-verbal approach for understanding and decoding these behaviours, and above all, to interpret the meaning of these behaviours. The use of ethology is thus an inescapable approach to assess well-being. Nonetheless, as we cannot directly access to animal emotions or verbal communication, we must be cautious in our analyses. For a valid interpretation, data collected through a rigorous and scientific approach is required.


  • History and concepts of Animal behaviour
  • Methods of observation
  • Methods of study
  • The animal in its environment
  • Physical and social interactions
  • Construction of an ethogram
  • Data Collection and Results Analysis
  • Ethology and animal welfare

This workshop contains both practical and theory activities; including discussions, group work, individual work, research tasks.

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About this course

  • Aimed at: zookeepers and anyone interested in improving the welfare of their animals
  • Group size: 6-10
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: On site
  • Cost: Quotation avalaible on demand

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