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The AKONGO team supports the zoological parks which are committed to continually improve their facilities, animal housing and breeding conditions, to fulfil the missions of public education, conservation in-situ and ex-situ, by providing advice and expertise in animal welfare and animal management.

To complete these goals, these missions go along with training courses to those responsible for animals' care and protection, as part as ongoing staff training.

You will find courses in a wide range of topics such as Animal welfare, Zoo design Science or Career management for zoo worker.

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Sharing experiences, ideas, inspiration with scientists, zoo teams, field researchers, visitors... to bring you more and more appropriate and innovative solutions for the benefit of the animals concerned and arouse interest for the protection of the extraordinary flora and fauna that surround us all over the world.


Dr. Amélie Romain

Director of AKONGO consulting, animal welfare scientist


Nora Loudiyi

Biology and Animal behaviour specialist


Dr. MylĂšne Chaumette

PhD, animal welfare scientist
Director of Ethope (Canada)

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