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Welcome to AKONGO | Training school

Whether you are a zookeeper, a laboratory technician or a human resources manager for a structure related to animal life, you will find on AKONGO | Training school, a set of training cycles and resources to perfect you or to make face of new projects.

Our training courses focus on animal welfare, enclosure design, science or career management for people working with animals.
These courses are delivered on site (zoological park, laboratory, pedagogical farm).

Our team of trainers operates mainly in Western Europe, all training courses are available in English and French.

Our team, in addition to their PhD in ethology, animal welfare and biology, regularly attends EAZA Academy courses to ensure you a level of excellence.

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Our Training courses

Exhibit design

The habitat is essential for the welfare of your animals, but also for your workers and visitors. New exhibits or transformations, discover our workshops!

Animal Welfare

Because the welfare of the animals’ present has a paramount importance, because it is a field rapidly expanding, our training courses support you.

Science at the Zoo

Research, both into the field and in zoos, enhances our knowledge and management of animals. Make your life easier by integrating applied science into your daily routine.

Animal behaviour

Understanding animal behaviour is undeniably a valuable tool for animal management. Initiation or improvement, our team support you.

Ongoing Staff Training

With ongoing staff training and development, give your colleagues the opportunity to give the best of themselves.

Customized courses

Our team is dedicated to fulfilling your needs and expectations. Together, we'll develop suit-made workshops for your team.

Popular courses

Design, science, animal behaviour, find the course that suits you